AROUND BALTIMORE: Aqua Spin, FiLIP smartwatch helps track kids & Poker Night in America

BALTIMORE - Here are the stories you're talking about on March 10, 2014. 

1. FILIP SMARTWATCH & APP HELPS KEEP KIDS SAFE: Baltimore County Police are giving the cyber thumbs up to everyone who helped track down Dundalk’s Caitlyn Virts in South Carolina through social media.

This abduction has parents thinking of new ways to keep tabs on their kids. 

AT&T’s FiLIP app and Smartwatch uses GPS-enhanced telecommunications equipped with designated safety zones and alerts.

"It's wearable technology for kids safety," said AT&T's Larry Taylor. "When in Baltimore there are times when you want to know if the child is at home. Or if the child leaves home. Or if they are on the playground and need to call," he added. "You can be at an O's game. If you get separated from your child. You can locate them."

The FiLIP app is available for download now on Android and iPhone.

2. MARYLAND LIVE POKER TOURNAMENT: Get your poker face ready at Maryland Live Casino . The first-ever $1 Million Tournament started dealing Monday. But it’s the end of the two week event that has everyone saying ‘shuffle up and deal’ production of the television show, "Poker Night in America " will be shooting March 24th and 25th at the casino.

Along with local champions, Christian Harder, Darvin Moon and Greg Merson, they’re looking for the area’s qualified poker players for the upcoming episode.

3. AQUA SPIN CLASSES COME TO BALTIMORE: What do you get when you take the spin class bikes and toss them in the pool?

"It's a party in the pool!" said Brick Bodies' Lynne Brick.

Brick Bodies  Downtown Baltimore is home to one of the few Aqua Spin  classes in the country. It's the coolest way to burn 800 calories in the pool while getting ready for swimsuit season.

"It's a more efficient way to train, not only your abs, but tone and tighten your legs, hips and thighs," said Lynne. 

"You can work to a higher intensity without putting that stress and strain on your joints. You have to hold on so that your body doesn't float away from the bike," Lynne  smiled. 


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