After impressive premiere, stars had some troubles on second week of 'Dancing'

CLEVELAND - The jive and the quickstep are demanding dances, and it showed in the couples on the second week of "Dancing with the Stars."

No elimination was held last week, so all 12 stars returned for week two. While some rose to the competition, many had some problems tackling the high-energy hoofing.

First up was a quickstep with Disney star Roshon Fegan and partner Chelsie. Roshon's footwork was so fast, he looked like some sort of mythical creature and could easily give the pros a run for their titles. The judges loved it. Roshon even got two nines. He got a 26 out of 30. Between the two weeks, Roshon has 49 out of 60.

TV host Sherri Shepherd and Val did an energetic jive to "Proud Mary." Her footwork wasn't perfect, but once again her attitude was infectious, and the judges caught Sherri fever. They had mostly nice things to say, giving her a 23, 46 overall.

Not the best showing for actress Melissa Gilbert and Maks. She got lost in the middle of their quickstep, but recovered okay. She got a 20, 40 overall.

Soap star Jack Wagner and Anna tackled a jive, and Jack really went all in. His energy was almost too much and his dance moves bordered on messy. The judges gave him a 21, 44 overall.

Songbird Gladys Knight and Tristan took the floor for a quickstep. She looked calm and utterly regal doing the fast-paced dance. She crowd loved it, but the judges have reservations. The judges gave her a 19, the audience gave the judges boos. 42 overall.

Barring some voting mishap, this season's predestined winner tackled a formidable jive with Mark. Opera star Katherine Jenkins once again showed she's just simply physically built for dancing, managing to keep up with Mark's eternally frantic choreography, and look like a natural doing it. Only judge Len Goodman had minor criticism; otherwise, the judges were glowing. Katherine got a 26, 52 overall.

Last week's surprisingly good dancer, Jaleel White, was a surprise again. But this time because he didn't seem as surefooted. Jaleel's jive with Kym had all the right moves, but it was all robotic – no passion. The judges thought he was a little dry. Jaleel got a 22, 48 overall.

TV host Maria Menounos and Derek donned their robber masks for a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired quickstep. Maria really seemed to get into Derek's demanding choreography. She did get just a fraction behind Derek in timing, but otherwise kept up with the moves. She got a 25, 46 overall.

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova had a rough start in her jive with Tony. She seemed quite off, but caught up to Tony halfway through. The judges know Martina has potential, and they hope she gets the chance to realize it next week. She got a rough 17 out of 30, 37 overall. Definitely in the danger zone.

Green Bay Packer Donald Driver and Peta hit the floor for a quickstep. Their dance is soda shop-themed, and it is definitely a sweet routine. Donald also looks like a natural, completely at ease with both the moves and the performance of romancing Peta. Len even says he underscored Donald last week. The judges gave them a 24, 45 overall.

Singer Gavin DeGraw improved over last week, but he needs to improve more. He channeled a leather-clad mixture of Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, and James Dean for his jive with Karina. Those are some tough sex symbols to live up to. Karina, meanwhile, looked suspiciously like Madonna from her "Like a Prayer" video. Gavin kept up with the speed of the dance, but his footwork was not clean for such a sharp soft shoe. The judges are mixed. Gavin got a 21, 41 overall.

If you ask the ladies, "DWTS" saved the best for last. Latin model and actor William Levy and Cheryl performed a proper quickstep, but he looked too held back. William said he can't wait to get back to Latin dances. He's onto something, but he still struck a decent-looking dance. The judges have nice things to say, suggesting he improve his footwork. William got a 25, 49 overall.

Right now, Katherine and Mark are on top with 52 points out of 60. As long as fans remember to reward her impressive dancing, she'll go far.

With the elimination Tuesday night, Martina and Tony are in the biggest danger with a 37 out of 60. Melissa and Maks are right behind them with 40, followed by Gavin and Karina with 41.

Tuesday's elimination airs at 9 p.m., but "DWTS" begins at 8 p.m. with a recap show of the two weeks' performances so far.

The second week of demanding dances could put some surprising stars in danger after what fans universally viewed as the best premiere in the show's 14 season run.

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