Aerosmith to heat up summer with 'Global Warming' tour

By Denise Quan, CNN - There are pros and cons to holding a press conference in the middle of an outdoor shopping mall, especially in Los Angeles.

True, the weather will probably be nice, and pretty people will be walking around for a built-in audience straight out of Central Casting. But on the downside, your event is in danger of being upstaged by the random celebrity who happened to be shopping at the mall with his family.

Just before Aerosmith made a grand entrance at Wednesday's presser to announce details of their summer tour, CNN stumbled across Paul Stanley from a hut with the Easter Bunny.

The guitarist said he and his wife needed to get something from Pottery Barn, and decided to bring their three young children to pose with the oversized white rabbit. They pulled up in their car, walked to the center courtyard and were immediately bombarded by a 50 foot poster of Aerosmith - strategically positioned right behind the bunny hut. He whipped out his cell phone and blew in a call to Steven Tyler.

"Hey man, where are you?" asked the Aerosmith singer.

"I'm at The Grove," Stanley replied.

"Oh man!," said Tyler.

After the Aerosmith press conference, Tyler corroborated Stanley's story to CNN.

"He called me and said he was here!," he laughed. "What are the chances?!"

Tyler and bandmates Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer had just come off stage, where they fielded questions from the media about their upcoming "Global Warming" tour. (Guitarist Brad Whitford had a prior commitment.) The North American trek kicks off June 16 in Minneapolis.

"We just like to light fires under people's a***s, and what better title than 'Global Warming,'" remarked the singer.

Added Perry, "I think it's the first time we actually get to go out and play some new songs from our new record for our fans, along with the good old ones, or the old good ones, or whatever. So I can't wait to bring this thing home."

They also used the opportunity to plug their new album, which is currently untitled and doesn't yet have an official release date.

"We're almost done. We have two more songs to go, then we'll have it in your face before you know it," said Tyler.

Drummer Joey Kramer was candid about Aerosmith's higher profile, courtesy of Tyler's two-season stint as a judge on "American Idol."

"It's exposed us to a whole new genre of people, of kids," he admitted.

Disagreements, drugs and the occasional diss at fellow band members are all part of Aerosmith's 40-year legacy. But at the moment, they're keeping the focus on presenting a united front.

"Whatever happens between us, amongst us - we always come back together to share that one thing again," Kramer concluded. "It's the five of us on stage doing this together, and it's so strong and so big that you can't get away from it."

Tickets for Aerosmith's "Global Warming" tour go on sale March 30 and 31 at and

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