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The Hearing and Speech Agency (HASA), is a private, non-profit organization, that provides hearing and speech services, ASL interpreting services through CIRS Interpreting, and special education through Gateway School.

Our programs take the whole family into consideration and has been a vital part of the community since 1926. We are highly credentialed professionals, who chose to work in a small, more intimate environment and we are dedicated to the belief that better communication can bring a better quality of life to our students and clients and their families.


Professional Development, Hearing Health, Special Education, Speech & Occupational Therapy, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sign Language (ASL) Classes, Interpreting Services, Deaf Awareness Workshops, and Communication Topics.

Current Offer:

Get a free hearing health kit. Includes: earplugs, information sheets, hearing quiz & a Baltimore Soundscape Project toolkit for participation.

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