‘Tis the season, but 45% would rather skip the holidays

No hope for holidays

NEW YORK - A recent survey from Think Finance, a financial services provider for consumers, polled 1,000 Americans relying on alternative financial services about their hope for the holiday season.

Citing the stress of the season, 45-percent said they would rather skip the holiday season than take on the additional financial burden. Nearly the same number of respondents said they won't have the money available to cover their costs for the holidays.

Worth noting, the survey only polled those making less than $50,000 a year and used alternate services like payday loans, prepaid debit cards or pay advances.

In an interview with CNBC, Think Finance CEO Ken Rees said, "The economy has shown gradual improvement in recent years, but everyday Americans are still working hard to cover expenses making holiday spending particularly stressful."

One way you can look to save on your holiday shopping, especially with Black Friday just a few days away, is through a series of apps. ABC2 posted this story , designed to help you approach the holidays with a more sensible approach.

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