Tipping while traveling: what to know

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Millions of Americans will be taking trips around the country and the world and most will be tipping. ABC2 News is working for you to show you when to tip, how to tip, and when to avoid it.

Just like airfare, meals and taxis, travel experts say tips for good service should be part of your vacation budget. to avoid over tipping or not tipping at all, personal finance web site kiplinger.com advises having small bills on hand.

Housekeeping staff typically get two to five dollars each day, airport skycaps and hotel bellhops, one or two dollars per bag, and valet parkers, two to five dollars each time you pick up your car.

Also, airport shuttle drivers should be given one or two dollars extra for baggage handling.

At some hotels and resorts, tips may be included, so read the fine print.

At the bottom it will say, gratuity included, service is included and it will usually be around 18 percent. So if it has been extraordinary service and you would like to tip on top of that, do so, but do keep in mind that it is already included so you don't end up accidently over tipping.

Brush up on tipping protocol before you go overseas. in some cultures, it's an insult. in others, it's already factored in to your bill.

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