The Mallow Bar is gambles on Horseshoe Casino casino location

Desert bar hopes to sweeten the pot at Horseshoe

BALTIMORE - Nikki Lewis is hoping to hit the jackpot at Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino. Not at the blackjack tables, but with a sweet treats storefront, stocked with delectable edibles Mallow Crunchies.

Her shop, The Mallow Bar, is one of several Baltimore’s businesses to round out Horseshoe Baltimore’s dining options.

"The Baltimore Market Place,” where shop is located, “is great because there are so many local brands in here,” Lewis said.  “You could have definitely gone with some bigger, national brands, but they decided to keep it local, and I'm thankful to them for that."

Lewis is grateful for the opportunity after just five and a half years ago, she was selling the gourmet crispy treats at local farmers markets. She turned to Kickstarter a few years ago to raise money to begin mass producing the treats in a commercial kitchen in Rosedale.

"Any business owner desires to create a business that they can grow and expand but certainly to be a part of the Horseshoe Casino, in this beautiful place that we're in is a dream realized," Lewis said.

With her husband Trey Lewis at her side, she's seen her family business grow from one to a team of 19.  They’re going from regular hours, to being open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

"We are all the desert and good coffee of the casino," Lewis said.

Lewis' signature marshmallow treats, think fancy  Rice Krispies Treats, are prepared with caramel, fruit, nuts, candy, cookies. But a few other recognizable local brands with fill out the shelves at The Mallow Bar.

"We partnered with a lot of local companies,” Lewis said.  “In working in farmers markets all those years we know that the products there are top notch.  We brought some of those brands with us to the casino.  We have Popsations, Mouth Party Caramel, and Dangerously Delicious Pies.”

Lewis hopes her treats and prime location will be a winning hand.  She's glad she never folded when things got tough.

"If you have a desire, something that you are truly passionate about, you have to stick with it,” she said. “You have to stay at it."

To find Mallow Crunchies near you just head to their website.