One Love Foundation develops new anti-abuse app

The murder of Yeardley Love was not in vain.

Her mother Sharon Love has made sure of that by starting the One Love Foundation, A non-profit aimed at educating and preventing abusive relationships like the one that killed the star University of Virginia lacrosse player.

George Huguely is currently serving 23 years in prison for the murder of Yeardley Love -- but their story continues to evolve to teach others the pitfalls of domestic violence.

Almost four years ago -- a mother lost her daughter and gained a crusade.

Yeardley Love was beaten to death weeks before her graduation from UVA.

A jury determined it was her ex-boyfriend and fellow lacrosse star George Huguely who killed her.

"My goal -- is to try to prevent this from ever happening to any other family," Sharon said.

IT wasn't too long before Yeardley’s mother went from being victimized by this tragedy to drawing strength from it.

"We decided that this is such a major issue and we really can't ignore it and we wanted to jump in with both feet and see what we could do to stop it," Sharon said.

It started with an app called the One Love Danger Assessment app.

The contains a 20 question quiz women can download and take to determine what kind of risk they were in.

It’s a modern version of a 20 year old tool developed by Johns Hopkins professor Jacquelyn Campbell.

Since it was introduced a year and a half ago -- it's been downloaded almost 11,000 times on mobile devices and tens of thousands more from the foundation's website.

It was a success Sharon Love felt needed a follow through another app to address the next step in surviving an abusive relationship.

"It will help you develop a plan to, if you don't leave the situation to try and stay safe or if you are planning to leave the situation to make sure you are prepared to leave and that you will be as safe as possible when you do get out," Sharon said.

It is called One Love - My Plan.

This app too quizzes women on their relationship to determine risk.

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