New Facebook tool helps organ donors share life

Facebook urges members to add organ donor status

When you update your status on Facebook today, you'll have one extra thing to fill out. Now you can put whether you're an organ donor.

  In the United States, someone dies every four hours waiting for an organ transplant. Dr. Andrew Cameron is a liver transplant specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He says the shortage of donor organs is critical.

"We know how to do the transplants but there just aren't enough organs to go around," Dr. Cameron said. "The discussion of what's going to happen to you after you die is very difficult. We ask people to have that discussion at the DMV."

Dr. Cameron teamed up with Sheryl Sanberg, the Chief Operating Officer of social media giant Facebook, together they realized an opportunity for a new forum for the organ donation discussion.

Today in an ABC News exclusive, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made it official. Dr. Cameron hopes the organ donation discussion on Facebook will lead to a new critical mass.

Here's how the tool works: Users can go to their timeline, click "Life Event", select Health and Wellness," and add the new option "chose Organ Donor." Then they can add where and when they registered and include a personal story, picture or video.

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