New APP to make you feel safer

NEW YORK - Safety is an issue that is on everyone's minds, men and women alike.  Now a new app helps to ensure street safety.

The app called, "StreetSafe" is designed to offer peace of mind with the push of a button.

Janice Hurley is a survivor of sexual assault, .and since she lives alone she says a simple walk from her car to her home can be terrifying.

"It's very empowering, totally makes you feel more in charge of your life and a lot more in charge of your situation" she says about the app.

The app has two buttons. A red one you can press that causes "StreetSafe" operators to call 911.

 And a green button the company calls "walk with me".  If you press that an operator will call you and stay on the phone with you until you feel safe.

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