Holiday gift registries 2012: store your wish lists on the web

Registries are not just for baby showers and weddings anymore. Digital registries are starting to become more prevalent during the holidays.

Check out these sites to store your wish lists on the web:

MonkeyWish – Allows user to add any item from any store or retailer for absolutely any occasion. Items can be added to personalized wish lists through a toolbar bookmark (Similar to the "Pin It" button for Pinterest) or through an exclusive UPC barcode scanner mobile app, which automatically updates the items to your wish lists. This company is Gainesville–based and a portion of their proceeds are donated to the Tim Tebow Foundation. Also, the tool is FREE!

GiftSimple – A social gifting site where you are able to register for the gifts you want and then tap into your social network to pool contributions from the people you know. 

MyRegistry – A gift registry that allows you to add gifts from any store on the internet as well as sync store registries you may already have. You can also display your entire registry on Facebook.

Giftster – This site lets you, not only, create wish lists to share with others, but it allows you to create free Giftster groups for your family and close friends. You can control who is in your group, share lists with them and search other members to add to your group. Other features include the ability to rate items as well as post your preferred colors, sizes.

MyGiftList – Allows you to create gift lists, find gift registries and has a shopping comparison engine that helps you to find the item you're looking for at the lowest price possible! The site also allows you to create reminders to help you keep track of important dates, like Christmas! And MyGiftList is free!

Other gift registry sites include: Gift Registry 360 (geared more towards weddings), Amazon Wish Lists and GiftPickle!

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