Cyber criminals search online for potential victims

Your posts online could make for unhappy holidays

CINCINNATI - 'Tis the season for sharing, but when it comes to social networking, some information about your holiday celebrations should stay under wraps.

The holidays are all about spreading cheer, and social networking seems like the perfect venue, but make sure you're not giving too much information away, especially about the stellar gifts you give or receive.

Cyber-savvy criminals are very savvy during Christmas time, and they're looking for things like that, clues that, say, instead of casing the neighborhood, they're casing the online neighborhood.

Speaking of gift-giving, a Facebook page or a twitter link, even if forwarded by a friend, may appear to have the deal of the season, but give it another look.  Scammers can create pages that look just like a legitimate retailer, and the end result, won't be what you bargained for.

The next thing you know, you have a virus in your computer, and that bad guy owns your computer, and that's not what you need during the holiday season, when you should be enjoying Christmas and the holidays, and the New Year coming.

Headed out of town?  Just like you'd lock the doors to your home, secure your social networking profile too. Not everyone on your friend list needs to know your apartment is empty for two weeks.

Also update privacy settings, to see who can see what, including tagging of photos, like pictures from holiday parties. And be careful about posting pictures of others too.  A photo that seems funny, could get a coworker in trouble, or you, frozen out among peers.