Credit card users can expect a credit from some major card companies

Discover, American Express & Capital One Refunds

Make sure you check your credit card statement over the next few months if you are a Discover, American Express or Capital One card holder.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau decided a few months ago that these credit card companies used deceptive means to get people to sign up for their cards.  The three companies, combined, were ordered to pay back $435 million dollar to consumers and now those payments should be showing up on your statement.

Here is the break down:

Capital One will pay out $150 million in 2013 after the CFPB determined the company tricked customers into buying additional products, such as credit monitoring when opening new cards.  It's the same story for Discover which was ordered to pay out $200 million dollars, also slated for 2013.  

American Express customers have already started to see their refund, the company started paying it back in October.  The CFPB found subsidiaries of American Express charged higher late fees and deceived customers by offering cash rewards that never came with their "Blue Sky" credit card.

The good news is customers don't need to do a thing, just pay attention to you statement.  The refund will show up as a credit on your account.  If you no longer have a card with any of these companies you could still get a refund, keep an eye for a check in the mail.  The CFPB says if you think you are due a refund you should check with the card companies.  Again those are Discover, American Express and Capital One.

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