Simple tricks to help you cut your shopping bill in half with Ms. Couponista

How to save money at Target

GLEN BURNIE, Md. - I come prepared with a plan because I really know what I want.

Armed with her plan, and her purse packed with coupons, Zadia Hardy is ready to shop.

We went aisle to aisle with this self-pro-claimed Ms. Couponista.  It didn't take long to see that she lives up to her name.

This will save me a dollar, just this sticky one right here, but I happened to check Target's website and I have a 1.50 off printable.

Zadia says it's a little known secret that at Target you can use a store coupon along with a manufacturer.

I see a 2.00 coupon I'm clipping it and I'm going put it in my coupon wallet and take it with me to the store and look for a deal."

And boy did she find several!

This is $2 off any Bic  disposable razor.  You're getting that for 69 cents.  69 cents for 10 razors.

We watched her find bargain after bargain after bargain.  Zadia grew up in a frugal family.

99 cents essentially for each one.

With technology, her couponing evolved.  No there's very little clipping involved.

I love mobile.  I always check these and try to find the deals.

And boy did it pay off.

I've actually faced 3 layoffs in my career.  The most recent layoff was 2 years ago, and unemployment wasn't enough for me to pay my mortgage, let alone eat food with my dinner.

I had to find a better way to make ends meet, and I did that through coupons.

Now that she's a pro, and she can pack her cart for dirt cheap, I had to to know if she buys some things just because she has a coupon.

If I can get an item totally absolutely free with coupons than I will pick it up.

Couponing has saved her thousands.  She saved more than 7-thousand dollars on her grocery bill.  A trip like this one to Target she saves an average of 60 to 80 percent.

This game is normally 20 bucks, but it's on sale for 14.89.  That's already a good deal but I check ahead.  They are offering a Target web coupon for 2.00.

She came with another 3 dollar coupon and the game was half off. 

Zadia gets excited about saving money and she says you can too.

Imagine if you could just save 25 a month.  What if you could put that on the principal balance of your mortgage?  You could put that toward your kid's college fund.

You saved 16.60 today.  I will take that. Every bit matters.  There is no bad savings.

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