Own a small business? How to promote it with Facebook

Dear Professor Bruce: I have a Facebook profile for my personal use, but I see businesses using Facebook to communicate news and promotions to their audience? How can I set up my Facebook page to help my small business?

First, you will need to create what's called a Fan Page for your business. Ric Dragon, CEO of DragonSearch Marketing, outlines some important steps.

This can be done by accessing Facebook.com/pages once you have logged into your personal profile. You can create your page by clicking the "Create Page" button and following the steps provided by Facebook. Do you provide a product or service, or are you an entertainer? Choose what category you fall into and then name your page and fill in your contact details.

After you have filled in your basic information, you are free to customize your fan page. Adding a default profile picture on your page, just as you would do on your personal profile, is important. A logo or picture of your business is best, or even an image of something your consumers easily identify with your business.

A fan page for business also has tabs. On these tabs are basic features such as your Wall, Info, Photos, Videos and Reviews. The wall is a place where you can post updates to your fans and where your fans can leave comments for you in return. The info tab allows you to include information like the business history, website, mission statement, location, etc. The photo tab allows you to upload images of company events, display a portfolio of work or just illustrate friendly, smiling employees. In the videos tab, you can upload video files such as commercials for your business or instructional videos. Finally, "reviews" is where fans can leave reviews for your business.

Finally, you should notify your friends of your fan page. By clicking the "suggest to friends" link on your business' page, you can send an invite to your personal Facebook friends to become a fan of the page. Also, a link to your Facebook page from your website is recommended.

For further information, please visit http://www.dragonsearchmarketing.com .


( Bruce Freeman, The Small Business Professor, is president of ProLine Communications, a marketing and public relations firm in Livingston, NJ and author of "Birthing the Elephant". E-mail questions to Bruce@SmallBusinessProf.com.)


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