New app pays you for your time

BALTIMORE - You click on an app for news, games and directions, but how about an app that pays you? A little time invested and a few extra bucks are deposited into your account. 

Toasted bread, melted cheese, now that's American magic. Add in some extra 'dough' and it doesn't get much better. 
The Grilled Cheese and Company makes the classic sandwich with a twist, but the dough we're talking about starts with a smartphone. 
"Here are all the gigs I can see in the area," says Gigwalk user Mark Ehm. Turns out, those gigs may make you giggle. Mark Ehm let us follow him to a job in Catonsville, one that took just 5 minutes and he made $5. 
"If I don't have anything to do tonight or I have an hour in a certain area, I can look on Gigwalk," says Mark. "Het, is there any gigs in the area and make $5, or $10 or $15 in an hour of just sitting around and waiting."
The few extra bucks here and there has added up to over $16,000 in just four months. He only dedicates around 4 hours per week. 
Gigwalk says the goal is to make it easy to earn a few extra bucks. Some jobs have Gigwalkers going in and counting the items on a shelf or just verifying the price. The app was created last year and it's free to download. 
AJ Balance from Gigwalk says "certain companies need jobs done in particular locations. To do that before they needed to go hire staffing agencies, to go find somebody locally for them to post on Craigslist and do a manual process to find this work."
So that's where Mark comes in, or you along with an iPhone. You can choose from several local jobs. One posting asked Mark to take pictures inside and out along with a panoramic view of a location. 
Mark says the money that he is making helps. "We're saving for a house right now, so I use extra money from this so maybe we want to go out to dinner one night."
$5 here, $10 there, it all adds up to another bank account and minimal time invested. 
"You don't have to be tech savvy.  if you learn how to use an iPhone or a simple app, it's that easy," says Mark. 
Right now Gigwalk is only available to iPhone users, but there are plans to expand it to Android phones. There are also many other companies with apps that pay you. 
For more information about Gigwalk click here . For additional apps click here
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