More High School students making gift registries for graduation

Soon to be High School graduates all over the country are planning parties, and with those parties, come invitations.

And according to an article from USA Today by Rebecca Walker, more and more of them are now signing up for online gift registries to go along with the parties.

The sites and Dorm Co both allow high school students to create wish lists of items they want, or even request cash donations that get deposited into a PayPal account.

MyRegistry's President says a third of the graduates register and request cash, and they end up getting anywhere from $100 to $3,000.

MyRegistry also says it anticipates more than 100,000 families will use their service this graduation season.

Some social-media savvy high schoolers are also using their Pinterest accounts to "pin" items from online stores.

But not everyone agrees this new trend is a good thing.

Cindy Post Senning from The Emily Post Institute says gift or cash registries should only be used for weddings because the practice of gift-giving is so common for them.

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