IRS offers free online program to certain taxpayers to file their tax returns

Free, online tax preparation website

The tax deadline is just a few days away.  If you still haven't filed your return, you may want to consider checking out a free, online program offered by the IRS.

It's called Free-File.  It's a no-cost, federal income tax preparation and e-filing program, according to ABC News.  The program is only available to families who've earned $57,000 or less last year.

You'll go through a three-step guide to find the software that works best for you.  First, you'll go through an eligibility process.  Gather up all the necessary paperwork, such as your W2, to make sure you qualify.

Next, you'll select the best program for your needs.  Not every taxpayer can use every program, says ABC News.  Some have AGI (adjusted gross income) restrictions, others have geographic restrictions.  You can use a tool on the website to find the best company for you.

Finally, you go through the process of filing your return electronically.  If you are due a refund, you should see it within 21 days.  If you owe money, there are different payment options you can use.

Click here to go to the Free-File website.

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