How to turn old cell phones, DVD players and iPads into cash

You've seen the shows where they open old storage lockers and find valuable treasures within.  But could some of those treasures be even closer, just gathering dust in your drawer?

From cell phones to DVD players, e-readers to video game systems, those old electronics could be worth big bucks if you know what to charge and when to sell.

When Varian Johnson started packing up his house for a move, he discovered a treasure trove of old electronics he'd forgotten all about.

He says, "You get it and you use it and you think you're going to sell it or do something with it or re-purpose it and it kind of gets stuck at the bottom of the drawer and you forget about it."

Experts say it's time to clean out those drawers.  These old, outdated electronics could easily be turned into gadget gold.

Some products have more resale value than others.  Experts say smart phones, tablets and laptops are all great for resale, with Apple products holding the most value.

Michael Fridgen says, "Even an iphone that's up to 18 months old will get up to 50 percent of it's original value."

An old blackberry curve is worth $75   A used Nintendo wii could fetch $150.

While a first generation iPad is still worth around $300.

And while old printers or fax machines don't usually sell for much, experts say old model e-readers can retain much of their value.

How do you know what an item is worth? You can try searching craigslist, ebay or amazon to start. 

Or a new site, , which analyzes thousands of deals each day to calculate current value.

It's also important to know when to sell.  Websites like stay on top of the new release rumors and can help you decide whether to sell or hold.

If the price is too low, consider donating instead of selling.

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