Frugal dating is on the rise


Is dating taking a huge bite out of your budget? Who says you have to shell out big bucks to impress a potential love interest.

The price tag for a night out sure can add up quickly. But wooing doesn't need to be a budget fact, frugal dating is on the rise. You know those coupons you get in the paper, regular mail, and in your inbox-deals, from local restaurants and vendors? 

You may want to bring them along on your next date.

A recent survey by Harris Interactive for coupon cabin finds more and more people are using coupons to cut down on dating costs.

Twenty-six percent of people surveyed said they've used a coupon on a first date.

That's up eight percent from 2011.

Think being thrifty is a turnoff, think again.

Twenty-six percent of people also said they would have a positive reaction if their date used a coupon.

Seventy-three percent said it just might lead to a second date.

Now not everyone is embracing frugal dating.

Twelve percent of respondents said if their date used a coupon on a first date there would be no second.

Three percent would tell their date his or her thriftiness was offensive.

And one percent would end the date right then and there.

If you are cashing in on a deal on a date, the experts at coupon cabin warn not to skimp on the tip.

Cheating a server out of his or her fair share is not the way to impress your company.  No matter the deal, make plans based on what you can afford.

And be honest.  If you're using a coupon, don't try to hide it. 

If your date has a problem with your thriftiness, maybe he or she isn't the right one for you. 

Source: CNN