Expert: Dip in Baltimore gas prices not enough

BALTIMORE - Gas prices in the Baltimore area are 9.3 cents lower than last month, but experts say that isn't enough to satisfy customers.

According to, prices in the Baltimore area were 34.3 cents higher than they were on the same day last year. Experts argue that what should be an autumn downward trend is not where it could be.

"In the last few years, we've typically seen a seasonal downward trend at the gas pump as the cooler temperatures invade," said senior analyst Patrick Dehaan. "We just haven't seen any sort of real decline at the pump yet this autumn. This year has seen one of the warmest ever – temperatures and gasoline alike."

Dehaan says high temperatures and high gas prices have both been attributed to global warming. He suggests what's really afoot is "pump warming."

"The small drop in gasoline prices isn't to the satisfaction of many, and I don't see enough relief to satisfy the majority of American motorists any time soon," he said.

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Nationwide, the gas price decreased approximately 0.08 cents in the last month.

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