Deck Daddy CEO pleads guilty to working without license

The CEO of deck resurfacing company with customers throughout Maryland pleaded guilty Monday to working without a license.

The company Deck Daddy racked up complaints from customers for shoddy workmanship and unfilled contracts.

Erik Haase, the company’s CEO, declined to answer questions Monday after making an appearance in court.


He told the judge he “had the right intentions” and was “following a dream” to start his own company.

Haase was ordered to stay out of the home improvement industry for acting as a contractor without a license. He will also have to complete 48 hours of unsupervised community service and will have to serve as a term of unsupervised probation. In court, Haase said he had already signed up as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

But for Charles Coale, a former Deck Daddy customer, he believes “justice was not done today.

“For the number of people that he has cost hours and hours to -- yeah," he continued. "I got my money back, but I didn't get anything back for my time."

Haase blamed what happened to Coale’s deck on a "two week monsoon" in April that crippled his business.

Watch the video to hear from other former Deck Daddy customers who say they still haven’t been issued a refund for a job not-so-well-done. 

Deck Daddy managers in court

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