Woman tries Sobakawa Cloud Pillow to see if it helps her sleep

CLEVELAND - There are a million reasons why you might toss and turn at night. Mary Lawlor said she was interested in ways to improve her sleep, so we asked her to try out the Sobakawa pillow.

It's made with 10 million micro-air beads, which the company says allows for cooling airflow, comfort and adjustable support.

"It's moldable, it's squishy it's soft, I could see where this could be really comfortable to sleep on," Lawlor said.

"It's really comfortable. I will have a good night's sleep with this pillow," Lawlor said, after testing it out briefly.

So we left her to try it out for a few nights. When we checked back, Lawlor wasn't singing the same tune.

"I just had a really hard time falling asleep with it," Lawlor said, adding the Sobakawa Pillow felt pretty restrictive, and needs more room to expand.

"When I put my head down it kind of really encompassed my head almost to the point where it was a little difficult to move," she said. Plus, Lawlor thought it was a little noisy.

We asked Bill McAlister of Media Enterprises, the man behind the product, about the noise, and he said it's really not that loud.

"Well, that's the same with any pillow if you think about it," McAlister said, noting that they've sold a few million of the Sobakawa Pillows. Lawlor is willing to give it another try, but this time maybe not in bed.

"It's the perfect pillow if you're going to go in the car, or if you're going to travel with it. I think it's ideal because it's flexible, it's moldable," Lawlor said. Lawlor said she wishes the directions didn't require you use the pillow case that comes with it.

But, the company says the pillow case makes it a fire safe pillow.

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