Weekly Web Deal: Buying daily deals you missed or selling unwanted offers with Lifesta

Daily deal swap site

CLEVELAND - Have you ever bought a daily deal and later regretted that purchase? There is a way to dump that deal so it doesn't cost you.

This week's weekly web deal features Lifesta .You sell the deal you don't want for 99 cents and pay an 8-percent commission when you sell the deal.

It's also a site where you can catch a deal you missed when it was on sale. There's even a money back guarantee if you find out the deal you bought on Lifesta is not valid within 60 days.

That means you don't have a lot of time to use the deal you buy on Lifesta, but it's a great way to share deals you don't want or must have.

Click here to read about sites that offer a similar service for gift cards: http://5.wews.com/SQq

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