Spot a pop-up while connecting to hotel internet? Feds say it could be a trap

BALTIMORE - When you're traveling, you want to stay in touch with family and friends.  Scammers know you need to stay connected and they're using that to their advantage in a new scheme.

Hotels can be your home away from home and when you need a lifeline to the people you love, most have a way to keep you connected.  Internet service is standard these days and getting online is as easy as logging into the hotel system.  But scammers are now getting in the middle as you try to make a connection.

According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, scammers are targeting people traveling abroad with pop-up windows that appear when they try to use the internet from their hotel room.  The pop-up says the user needs to install an update for a well known software product.

But if you click accept and install what they ask, the feds say you could end up with destructive malware on your computer.  That's why the FBI is warning travelers to be careful when logging on from their hotel room.

The feds say it's best to update your software before you go on a trip and if turns out you need a new version of any program while you're away, you should use the vendor's website to get it and not a pop-up.

If you're hit with this kind of cyber attack, the IC3 wants to hear from you.  Report the issue on their website, .

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