Slushy Magic or is it Slushy tragic does it really work?

No ice, no blender, no mess, no success?

"Shake it up, chill it down, slushy magic the super, duper slushy maker."

Serving up a slushy sounds like a sweet treat, but is this simple sensational snack too good to be true.  

"I saw them on a commercial.  I think it looked cool."

Cool enough to try, and Sydney Shue was up for the challenge.

We set her up with the frozen ice cubes, the cup, and the instructions.  After they picked out a drink.....the 10 year old and her mom Leslie Hott were ready to shake it up.

One to 2 minutes that's what the commercial says we took  two.  With their ice cubes and their lemonade, they were ready to go but it didn't take long for Sydney to learn the shaking was tougher than it looked.

Dah, dah, time to serve up some slushy magic......but it wasn't exactly what they expected.

"Okay lick it off the counter."

"No ice, no blender, no mess."

Not exactly true.

"It was a mess.  It was a mess and there was very little liquid for all that work."

Sydney wasn't exactly thrilled either.

"If you had to give this a grade what would you give it?  A C.  It kind of taste like applesauce

Her Mom  was even less impressed.  Her grade, just shy of failing.

"I'd say a D.  A lot of work, a lot of effort and its not really a slushy.  It's kind of a half mushy beverage."

"I'd rather just go to Rita's."

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