SCAM ALERT: Naughty List for 2011

BALTIMORE - Santa's not the only one who made a list and checked it twice.  When it comes to scam artists, we're also keeping track with our own lineup of who's been naughty this year.

At the top of our list, the man accused of stealing money from dozens of local schools and PTA groups this fall.  Queen Anne's County Sheriff's deputies say Joseph Gill promised Ravens players for anti-bullying assemblies then kept the funds when he couldn't deliver. After we reported his theft charges and showed you his picture, Gill was arrested in Aberdeen and will spend the holidays behind bars. 

Tommy Clack takes the number two spot on our list.  The Annapolis-based paver deserves coal in his stocking for a multi-state, multi-county paving operation we uncovered. 

After rolling seniors in a scheme that cost some of them tens of thousands of dollars for driveway work, the Attorney General's office handed down a cease and desist order.  Clack's gifts this year include an investigation by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission and a slew of criminal charges for acting as a contractor without a license in three different counties.

This year brought justice for those wronged by the man at number three on our naughty list, Joseph Horton.  The locksmith we told you about all through 2010 had to face the music in 20-11.

Joe Horton lost a civil case filed by the Attorney General after overcharging customers and was ordered to pay nearly $400,000 in damages and restitution.  Horton was also found guilty of criminal theft and fraud in Anne Arundel County.  He's appealed the decision and is still waiting to hear if he'll spend part of the New Year in jail.

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