Chrysler recalling thousands of Jeep Wranglers

Chrysler is recalling about 68,000 Jeep Wranglers because of a fire hazard.

The recall affects 2010 model year Wranglers with automatic transmissions.

Chrysler says the problem is with a skid plate that's located close to the vehicle's catalytic converter that can trap debris.

Catalytic converters can get extremely hot, and when that happens, any debris caught there can catch fire.

Chrysler says at least 14 people have reported fires so far.

The manufacturers do say that Wranglers built after the 2010 model year don't have the same problem.

Anyone with one of the Jeeps included in the recall is asked to bring their Jeeps to the nearest Jeep dealership to have the skid plate replaced with skid bars.

Chrysler says owners will be notified as soon as parts are available for the changeover.

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