IRS says churchgoers targeted in latest tax scam

BALTIMORE - Tax time scams are nothing new,    but this season scammers are taking a new approach.  According to the IRS, they're using church connections to try and steal your money.

It's the place you find solace every Sunday.  But to scammers, nothing is sacred, so even churches can be a good spot to snag potential victims.  According to the Internal Revenue Service, thieves are targeting seniors and low income people - making bogus offers to get them a refund or stimulus money.  They're using churches to help pull off their scheme.

In some cases, the crooks approach in person with promises of free money but the IRS says they're also distributing homemade flyers to churches, targeting the people who belong there because of the trust factor.

The IRS says you'll pay upfront for these non-existent refunds that never turn up and the scammers will disappear.  The agency says you should be wary of any offer of free money that requires no paperwork or proof of eligibility.  The IRS also says you should be cautious if you're offered an opportunity to claim funds from the expired Economic Recovery Credit Program or other government stimulus plans.

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