Halloween candy prices are up

BALTIMORE - The treats are piled up. Kit Kats, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Skittles -- you name it. But shoppers wonder if the trick is in the price.

"They're high. They're quite high this year," said Gabrielle Hart.

We took our sweet tooth shopping. The first stop was Target in Towson.

The candy is on sale bu still pricey.

"I think it's a little high. This was actually one of the cheaper bags that we saw. Everything else was more expensive," said Rose Albert.

At Giant in North Baltimore, shoppers are saying the same. We did the math and buying in bulk will spare your wallet.

At Target, the big bag of Mars candy comes in at 18 cents an ounce. At Giant, the same candy prices at 28 cents an ounce. Overall, that's a better price than the smaller bags.

"I definitely don't buy as much as I used to," said Laura Hershberg.

The National Consumers League says the price fluctuation comes down to the federal government's subsidy that helps some sugar growers.

Executive Director Sally Greenberg says the "National Consumers League is opposed to sugar subsidies because it drives the price up of any food or candy that contains sugar and subsidizes a small group of growers at the expense of American consumers."

A peanut shortage is also said to be driving up the price of peanut butter and candy. The changes have spooked shoppers enough to make some changes on Halloween night.

"I definitely am not going to buy as much candy as I normally would. The bowl is going to be a little bit more shallow on the front porch this year," said Hart.

We may continue to notice the high price of peanuts, which will affect some candy prices. Farmers are expected to produce the smallest harvest recorded in five years.

But less candy typically means happier parents.




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