Get paid to wrap your car? The feds say some offers are a scam

BALTIMORE - With gas hovering close to $4 a gallon, we're all looking for ways to cover costs.  Scammers claim to have an idea for you, but if you're not careful you'll end up wrapped up in their game.

It costs a ton of money to keep our cars on the road, so what if you could make a few bucks behind the wheel?  That's what a new scam making the rounds promises.

According to the federal government's Internet Crime Complaint Center, scammers are posting ads online claiming you can get paid for driving your own car.  The ads say you can wrap your car with advertising, working with big name companies like Coke or Red Bull, using vinyl car wraps.

Although there are some legitimate companies that pay drivers to use vinyl car wraps, some of the internet ads searching for takers are actually a scam.  In the bogus ads recently spotted online, they claim you'll be paid between $400-600 dollars per week for driving your wrapped car.  You're told to send contact information and details about their car and that you'll be paid upfront.

But that's when things go wrong.  The feds say this is a classic overpayment scam.  You will get a check or money order, but with this scam, the check will be for more money than you're supposed to get.  You'll deposit it and wire the difference, but in the end the job is bogus and so is the check, leaving you on the hook for all the money.

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