Feds say scammers are using legitimate names/info on bogus websites

It takes next to nothing to set up a website.  With a couple of bucks and a domain name, scammers know you can appear to be anything you want on the web.  Now the feds say schemers are pretending to be lawyers as part of a recent scam.  

In the courtroom, it's an attorney's job to present the facts.  But many lawyers are finding their own lives are being used as fiction on the web.  According to the Federal Internet Crime Complaint Center, a new scheme has hit the docket.  The IC3 says scammers are pulling the names and information from real attorneys and using it to set up their own sham websites and solicit legal work.

In a warning posted on the IC3 website, the feds say it happened to a Texas attorney who hadn't practiced in years.  In that case, a fake law website was set up using her maiden name, former office address and her biographical information.  And it's happening to other lawyers too, with their professional information being used on the internet.

The IC3 is putting attorneys on alert about this recent scam.  If you see your name being used by someone else for legal purposes, you should contact the FBI, the Maryland State Bar and local police.  The feds also say you should check your credit reports and bank accounts to get the verdict on whether scammers have stolen much more than your identity.

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