Lower your toy costs at Toys r Us

Don't Waste Your Holiday Money

This year's hot toys have one thing in common, for the most part: They're expensive.

That darn Furbie for instance (back after 14 years), costs more than $50 in its second incarnation.

So we went shopping with a nationally known couponer, Nate Engels of TLC's "Extreme Couponing" and the website We Use Coupons.com   to find ways to slash those toy costs.

Lowering Prices at this Popular Store

Engel's daughter's favorite store is Toys r Us, not known for rock bottom prices. But this couponing expert can make it that way.

He cuts the price of that expensive Furbie from $55 down to a more manageable $45, with a coveted $10 off coupon.

"It's a free $10 gift card if you spend over $75," Engels explains.  "So if you spend over $75 at Toys r Us, you'll get $10 back."

So he buys 2 more items to get his total up to $75, at which point the coupon clicks in.

To get these, and similar money saving coupons, Nate says it is essential to join Toys r Us' email club. "Go online or go up to the customer service desk and sign up for their rewards program," Engels said.

Best Time to Shop

For the best deals at Toys R Us, Engels says shop Black Friday or one of several weekend events shortly afterward.

That way you'll find deals like BOGO on batteries, where Engels will get $30 of batteries for just $15.

He tries to avoid shopping Toys r Us when it is not running a major event, because he says its prices tend to be a bit higher than the competition.

Price Matching Essential

The third, and best way to lower your costs at Toys r Us, Engels says, is to price match.

"Remember that Toys r Us price matches other major retailers, so all you have to do is bring in the physical ad and Toys r Us will match that price."

Just remember you need to bring in the competing ad: they won't adjust the price based on your memory, or your smartphone showing some no-name website featuring a toy for less.

By doing a price match with Walmart, he cut the price of the Fisher Price Gymnastics Dora from $49 to $44.

Throw in a $14 Animal Planet dinosaur, and for under $100 his little daughter will be one happy little girl Christmas morning.

As always, don't waste your money.

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