Free Arby's turkey sandwiches today

Don't Waste Your Money

Have one of those cartoon hats hanging over your head today? Thinking Arby's?

Then it's your lucky day.

Arby's restaurants across the country are giving away Turkey Roaster sandwiches Thursday Sept. 6, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The free sandwiches should be offered at all 3,500 locations until 1 p.m. or when the turkey runs out.

It's part of a new line of turkey lunches to complement the chain's famous roast beef sandwiches. There are three versions: a Turkey Club, a Turkey 'n Cheddar, and a Turkey Classic.

Check Arby's Facebook page to learn more. Only catch: you may want to allow some extra time for the possible long line.

For more freebies, check our You Win Wednesday freebie page.

As always, don't waste your money.


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