Best days for online shopping deals

Don't Waste Your Money

Most of us are planning to shop online this holiday season. And the biggest day for online shopping is Cyber Monday, the Monday after Black Friday.

But more and more we are learning that Cyber Money is not necessarily the day for the best deals.

Certain Days Better for Certain Items

Retailers know that most people flip open their laptops and start shopping the Monday after Thanksgiving. Indeed, Cyber Monday often brings great free shipping deals.

Buts Smartmoney magazine says you may find better deals online on Black Friday itself, when most people are at the mall.

And based on a survey of thousands of transactions, Smartmoney lists some of the best days to shop online.


For buying books: Smartmoney says prices are lowest on Saturdays, because web traffic is lowest then, and web bookstores are clearing out overstock.


For electronics: Monday: That's when manufacturers launch weekly discounts.


For clothing, however, Smartmoney says shop on Thursday, the day weekend clothing sales start.

Airline Tickets

And for airfare, Tuesday: That's when the number of cheap seats is at its weekly peak.

Waiting Can Pay Off

You will still find plenty of great deals on Cyber Monday. But savvy shoppers know to price check on other days as well.

And remember, prices often drop both online and stores about two weeks before Christmas.

So don't waste your money.


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