Can a simple phone call really speed up your PC?

Don't Waste Your Money

Have you heard any of those ads for companies promising to make your computer run faster....almost like the day you first bought it?

One woman heard the ads and hoped they would be the solution to her slow computer.But it didn't quite work out that way.

Tired of PC Problems

Joan Vaal had it up to here with computer problems: slow loading web pages and annoying pop up ads, including one trying to change her home page.

So she saw an ad for "My Fast PC" ( , and contacted one of their phone agents.

"He was very, very nice, very soft spoken, and very convincing," Vaal said.
She says he told her that he could walk her through some steps to clean up her computer for a $100 fee. She said OK.

But after giving her credit card and running some scans, the pop ups were still there.    

"He said everything would be cleaned up," the frustrated Vaal told us. But her PC still had annoying pop-ups that refused to go away.

Are These Companies Legitimate?

The Orem, Utah-based My Fast PC is a legitimate company, licensed and registered with the state, though the Better Business Bureau gives it a "C Plus" rating .

A company spokeswoman told us they run anti-malware and spyware programs, and remove unnecessary programs that slow down computers. But she said many people have "unrealistic expectations," especially with older computers near the end of their lifespan.

However, PC experts say you can often do this yourself, with free programs like Malwarebytes ( , and a Windows disc defragmentation, free from Microsoft.

The Bottom Line

Again, this service and a number of others like it are not scams. For $100 they will help you run some clean up programs, and can speed up your computer, for less than the cost of going to a repair shop.

But no one can make a 5-year-old pc run like a brand new one.

And if you are a little bit savvy you can do a clean up yourself for free, and that way you don't waste your money.


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