Does caffeine in your pants give your weight loss a jolt?

BEL AIR, Md. - From the grapefruit diet to the master cleanse, people will try just about anything to lose weight. But can you caffeine give your weight loss a boost? ABC2 News Joce Sterman has details on the surprising product that promises it will, if you use it in an unexpected way.

It's in your morning coffee to wake you up and get you out the door. And it's in your afternoon soda, to get you through the end of the work day. You're used to drinking caffeine to pick yourself up. But what about using it to trim yourself down? Harford County's Colleen Kaplan was willing to think about it, "I don't find it to be too promising, but you never know. I'm always up for something."

In this case, Kaplan is up for using caffeine to hopefully lose weight. But she won't be drinking the product we've asked her to try; she'll be wearing it, trying out special pants that contain caffeine. They look like bike pants, but supposedly pack a lot more punch.

The manufacturer, Lytess, claims they can help you lose inches from your hips and thighs, just by wearing them eight hours a day, six days a week for 18 days. So that's exactly what we had Colleen do. She was up for it, telling us, "They feel like I'm wearing my workout shorts so it's no big deal."

But is there a big difference in her measurements? After 10 days, we checked in to see if Colleen felt a jolt from the java she's sporting. She says she's been wearing the caffeine pants around the house at night and while she was sleeping. It appeared to be working, at least on one spot. Although Colleen's measurements were about the same on her thighs, she dropped half an inch off her hips. Kaplan was delighted, saying, "Whether it's that or going to the gym or a compilation of both, because I have been going to the gym every day but I'm not killing myself at the gym."

These pants don't seem to be working overtime for long though, at least not everywhere for Kaplan. After 21 days, Colleen took out the tape measure one last time. She was once again the same on her thighs, but saw success on her hips, with a nearly two inch loss. In the end though, these caffeinated pants fell short of the buzz they advertise, although Colleen's still satisfied with her energy boost, "It's worth giving anything a try, so a couple centimeters, you can't beat that."

Although the slimming pants advertise you could lose as much as five and a half centimeters from your hips and more than three centimeters from your thighs, that's based on limited testing. The company that makes these pants put them on just 20 people to gauge results. 77% lost the three centimeters from their thighs while 54% dropped five centimeters from their hips.

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