Cyber Force returns to comic shelves

The 1st five issues are free


Comics have progressed to new heights in the last decade in ways to obtain them. First there were versions that could be obtained by CDs, then websites, and now apps. One way that has gotten my attention recently is well known companies getting their comics started through .

In particular, Top Cow started their project with rereleasing a new version of Marc Silvestri's Cyber Force back on July 18, 2012. What makes this so interesting is that the company doesn't risk anything and they can gauge fan interest by seeing how much money they raise. So, how did Top Cow do? They had a pledged goal of $75,000 and fans were able to donate $117,134. It was a great success and not only was the comic launched, it is free to everyone for the 1 st 5 issues. So it's a great way to find new fans as well bring back old ones that didn't know about the kickstarter event.

So how are the first two issues that have been released? For some reason the story seems a little slow and unoriginal, but is redeemed with Silvestri's work. That is something I have always loved about comics. The art work could be horrible, but the story is great keeping you engrossed with what happens to the characters and it can be the other way, where you have a story that is not particularly interesting or engaging, but the panels of art are burned into your brain with a great admiration for the style of the work the artist put to paper.

The book is only on its second issue. I have high hopes for it and I have a feeling I'll need to reread them in case I missed something in the story. With the first five issues being free, Cyber Force can afford to be a little slow in the beginning. I recommend picking them up now from your local comic shop before you have to purchase them from ebay.

I've emailed Marc with questions about Cyber Force and the possibility of making a habit of using kickstarter for future comic releases. As of yet I have not heard from him, but will post his answers here when they're received.

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