Casey Anthony confession video is a scam

BALTIMORE - Every time a big story breaks, scammers go looking for a way to be part of it. The recent verdict in the Casey Anthony case is no different. The verdict stunned Americans who had been glued to their televisions, watching the trial unfold. And even though the case is over, scammers hope you're still interested. That's why they're making the rounds with a scheme tied to Casey.

A video that supposedly shows Anthony confessing to the killing of her daughter has been popping up on Facebook. But no matter how intriguing it looks, you shouldn't click because it's just a tease.

We warned you about similar videos after the tsunami in Japan and this one will give you the same results. If you attempt to watch, you'll likely end up spreading the video to your Facebook friends. And in the end, you won't hear a confession. Instead, you'll just get tied up in a survey scheme where someone else gets paid. So if you want the latest scoop on this case, wait for the tell-all book and don't be fooled by a scammer's catchy headline.

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