BBB: Beware storm chasers

Superstorm Sandy has come and gone and left a trail of damage in her wake. If your house needs work, you've got to be careful.

Utility crews came by the thousands to bail us out in the wake of Sandy, but they're not the only ones who made a move to Maryland.

When disaster strikes, storm chasers are the first to pounce. They claim they can fix your damage, but they really just want your cash.

"Sometimes our emotions get the best of us," says Angie Barnett of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland.

Barrett said letting your emotions get the better of you can cost you big.

She suggests that's why if you have fallen trees on your property, a damaged roof or mold from rising water, you shouldn't let someone who simply knocks on your door do the work.

"Make sure you're dealing with a contractor who is licensed, who also has worker's comp insurance," she says. "Get that info from them and call MHIC or the BBB and let us verify that info for you."

Before you hand over any money to a contractor, get details about the work in writing – from the labor to the materials and cost.

"Never pay in full until all the work is completed to your satisfaction," Barnett says.

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