BBB and Western Union partner to track and report scams

Every week we put out the warning about recent scams to keep you safe.  But we're not the only ones fighting the good fight.  The Better Business Bureau is teaming up with a big partner to slow down scammers and spread the word.

Scammers come by email, phone call and even text.  They use a variety of ways to get your money.  But many of them have one thing in common according to Angie Barnett with the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland, "Most of the scams that are reported and the media talks about usually include a victim sending money electronically.  Usually Western Union is the most preferred method of issuing that money."

Barnett has shared countless stories in which the global wire giant has been used to help people carry out a scam.  But the company has battled against them for years and now they're taking the fight public, partnering with the BBB.  Barnett thinks it's a great step, saying, "The biggest intent is to introduce to consumers an opportunity to report scams and to track scams."

And they'll do it through Scam Stopper , a special website which showcases top scams, shows you who's vulnerable and even takes a look at the psychology of a scam.  Barnett says, "This actually gives you detailed information about why scams work on so many people, even the most intelligent."

Scammers can fool us all.  That's why the BBB and Western Union think it's important to spread the word about what people are seeing.  Barnett believes it's about providing understanding, "It makes consumers a little more aware.  If you're more aware you're less likely to fall victim or maybe second guess things.  We don't want to create cynicism but we do want people just to be smart."

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