Best paid pastors in America and how much they make each year

The recession has hit lots of people hard, including houses of worship across the country.

According to The Huffington Post, although most spiritual leaders of small towns and big cities across the country make anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000, some church pastors are making much much more.

HuffPost Religion compiled a list of the best paid pastors and how much they make, including public appearances, book sales, and charity management.

Who are the top earners?

First, they say televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who runs Kenneth Copeland Ministries, disclosed a property-tax exemption application showing his wages were $364,577 in 1995.

Next, Creflo A. Dollar, Senior Pastor of World Changers Church International, has not released his salary information.  But the New York Times reported he drives a Rolls-Royce, owns a million-dollar home in Atlanta, and a $2.5 million Manhattan apartment.

John Hagee, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Texas, earned about $300,000 from his church in 2000, and he was reported to be the highest-paid nonprofit executive in San Antonio in 2004, making nearly $1 million.

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