Baltimore residents and activists to hold funeral for the American Dream

BALTIMORE - Residents and activists will dress in black and conduct a "mock" funeral on the doorsteps of the Well Fargo bank in Walbrook Junction.

The group will include members from Good Jobs Better Baltimore,, and Occupy Baltimore.

The protest will start at John Wesley United Methodist Church on West North Avenue at 4:00 pm.

The group will then deliver faux caskets to Wells Fargo branch across the street at 3200 W. North Avenue.

The location is surrounded by vacant properties; a powerful reminder of the consequences of disreputable lending practices by Wells Fargo and other big banks.

The "funeral" procession will include mock caskets containing symbols like the American flag, and photos of vacant homes around Baltimore City.

Residents will speak out about the personal impact of Baltimore's foreclosure crisis and how Wells Fargo has contributed to it, killing the American dream for many families.