Augmented reality helps companies give consumers more than it appears

It used to be the packaging on a product was just the part you threw away after you brought it home.

Now, some high tech advances are now making the package part of the fun, and in some cutting-edge cases.


From Band-Aids that project videos of your favorite characters to Legos that let you see how all the bricks look put together, marketers are putting technology to the test on product packaging. Scott Stein from says, "You can see the action figure moving around before you buy it. We're also seeing it on food products that can pop out and show you recipes or ideas that links to other web sites."

They're using augmented reality. That's where an object appears to come to life using a special app and your smart phone's screen. You just hold the phone over a certain point or label on the product and voila, you find out all kinds of things about products.

Stein says, "So it will look three-dimensional and it will look like it's on that piece of paper or on that product but it's only being held on your phone." Villanova University Marketing Professor, Ron Hill says, "That product will pop up and we can have additional information on it and we can see it being used in different kinds of contexts."

The leading sectors trying the trend so far include autos, food and entertainment, especially toys. It's all about adding value to the product for the consumer, and ultimately securing the sale.


Not everyone is sold on the new tech trend. Stein says, "It may seem confusing and it may seem cooler than it actually is."

Marketing experts say you will be seeing more and more of it in the future. Hill says "There are industries where competition is really demanding it in order to be competitive and industries where it just hasn't occurred yet."

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