Airlines raising ticket prices after taking in billions in baggage fees

It's a double whammy this summer for people planning to fly.

First, domestic airlines are raising ticket prices again.

After several months of flat pricing timed to coincide with lower fuel costs, several of the largest carriers in the U.S. raised their prices up to $10 per round trip over the weekend.

Travel analysts say this is the fourth increase so far in 2012, but the first in several months.

The second part of the equation that doesn't seem to match up to those rising ticket prices is the amount airlines are raking in from extra fees.

A new study that looked at about 50 airlines found they make billions in profits from baggage fees and other additional fees.

According to that study, conducted by IdeaWorksCompany and the firm Amadeus, United-Continental, Delta, American, and Qantas made the most from extra fees.

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