Tony Marsala

Tony Marsala joined the ABC2 News team in 2005 as a photojournalist. Before coming to Baltimore he worked at Fox 43 in York, Pennsylvania, where he grew up.

Tony is still one of the many I-83 commuters because the commute keeps him close to home. That’s what is important to Tony. He still lives close to his large Italian family and enjoys family dinners every week.

Tony says he loves being a photojournalist because he gets to see the best of what Baltimore has to offer; the neighborhoods that pull together after tragedies, volunteers helping to clean up parks and city streets, individuals showing inspiring amounts of strength, and faith when they’re faced with adversity.

Tony is enjoying his new role as a Multi Media Journalist because now he gets the chance to tell those stories in his own words, with his own video.

In his spare time, you’ll likely find Tony out fishing, hoping to catch the big one! 

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