The Bond Between Sisters at the Center of Local Teen's First Novel

Local 16-year-old Becomes a Published Author

By Anna Muckerman

Sixteen-year-old Kacie Bawiec isn't your average teenager. In September, Kacie released her first book, Silver Dagger. It's a fantasy novel revolving around two sisters.

The younger, Emery, commits suicide leaving her older sister, Cassandra, devastated. Cassandra along with her boyfriend and his brother must work together to discover unthinkable truths.

In November, Kacie held her book signing at Readings and Greetings in Hunt Valley. Some fans were a little surprised to find such a young author sitting behind the table.

Her book has been a success.  The Baltimore Sun has published an article about her work. She has also been featured in television and radio interviews.

Kacie is a sophomore at the Science and Mathematics Academy in Aberdeen. She says her friends and classmates are excited for her and are interested in her work.

Kacie has been writing since elementary school and has started many novels in her notebooks. Silver Dagger is the first one she completed and published. She worked on the story since eighth grade and it was published by Tate Publishing.

She hopes to continue her writing career and someday write a sequel. To learn more about Kacie and her book, visit or, to purchase Silver Dagger, visit

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