Teen Musician's Passion for Classical Music

Learn one Talented Teen's Musical Hero


By Patrick Basler

A simple Google search of "teen musician" uncovers millions of results, mostly involving teens making and performing rock, pop, and rap music. Collin Power, a sophomore at Calvert Hall, is one of the many teen musicians in America, however, the music he plays isn't selling millions of records.  That's because Collin is bringing back the popular hits of the past.  We're talking centuries past.  He is hoping that through his love of the masters of music from the 17 th and 18 th centuries that the modern generation will grow to appreciate what we now call classical music.

Collin began his musical journey at the age of 4 and has been growing instrumentally ever since. He plays piano, guitar, organ, and sings in several acclaimed vocal groups. He has also performed vocally in several operas.

Collin hopes that others will appreciate the classical music that he holds in such high regard, especially that of his idol, Johann Sebastian Bach. To him, Bach represents a different era of music, coupled with a work ethic that Collin appreciates, and strives for in his own life.

It can be difficult for musicians to achieve recognition in today's world, but Collin understands how modern musicians can use technology, particularly the Internet, to get their music out there for others to hear.  And in the end, this is what Collin wants to do in order to spread the music that he holds closest to his heart.  

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