Orioles Tryouts Bring out Diehard Fans

Fans Vie to Become Ball Boys and Ball Girls

By Zack Newman

Every fan remembers his or her first baseball game filled with hot dogs, popcorn, and Crackerjacks.  If you're lucky enough, a foul ball will come careening into your outstretched glove.

At the Baltimore Orioles Ball Boy and Ball Girl tryouts 87 fans were trying to make this dream a reality for at least 81 games a season.

For 24-year-old John Eubank, trying out for the position of ball boy is his childhood dream.  

"I've always wanted to do it since I was a little kid, and back then, you had to be 18, and it was always like 'I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna do that, but then I got really busy with school and everything, and wasn't able to take time off and actually do it, but now that I've graduated, I have the time to take off work and come out."

Eubank felt a burst of emotion when he stepped on the Camden Yard grass for the first time.

"I had the nervous butterflies hit me, like I was going out there and I was going to have people hitting baseballs at me, I have people watching, it was a pretty awesome experience," he said.

To be a ball boy or ball girl, hopefuls have to be at least 18-years-old and have a flexible schedule.  They are paid hourly for each home game of the season.

"Someone who is able to field a ground ball is important, but also someone who has a great personality, who is able to interact with the fans, and is excited about Orioles baseball," said Amanda Sarver.

Sarver is the Coordinator of Public Relations and New Media and in her third season with the Orioles. She said that in addition to fielding ground balls that cross into foul territories, the ball people "interact with the fans, give them a good ballpark experience and represent the club."

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