Heart of A Mother: Remembering a Daughter's Sacrifice for her Country

A Mother's Tribute to her Soldier Daughter

By Chontel Bevans

On August 14, 2005 Specialist Toccara Green was killed in the Iraq War, making her the first African- American female from Maryland to die in the war.

Specialist Green's family has been doing many things to ensure that her legacy is kept alive and now her mother has written a book to honor her daughter's legacy.

Specialist Green's mother Yvonne has written a book entitled The Heart of a Mother .

The book details the events of Toccara's life as well as the moments that led up to her death.

Yvonne feels that, "the book will be a way that no matter where you might be in time or where you might be on the planet you can read about Toccara's life."

It hasn't been easy for the family to deal with their loss but Yvonne says, "our biggest reminder would be my granddaughter" [Toccara's niece].

The family knew that Toccara loved what she did and they accepted that.  Toccara is now seen as a hometown hero and who is still helping people through her death.

Yvonne hopes that the book will help other families know that they are not alone .  She also wants to ensure that although Toccara is gone she will never be forgotten.

The book is available at Greetings & Readings; online at Barnes & Nobles and at hunterheartpublishing.com.

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